Carers Co-Production and Engagement

Our model for co-production has taken various forms in order to co-produce with the London Borough of Newham. The main ones are through the use of  Carers Champions and Newham Carers United Forum.

Carers Champions have the main responsibility for engaging and co-producing. They  actively participate in consultation meetings relating to the commissioning of new services,  reviewing a existing ones, or whether a service is still needed. 

They  live in Newham and are made up of current and former carers. Currently there are 14 champions. They  are recruited and inducted as well as provided with training and support to carry out their role. This service is contracted by the London Borough of Newham.

A champion’s key role is to be the voice of carers in Newham in order to take forward evidence-based issues to key meetings, along with sharing useful information to support carers in their role. They do this by: visiting carers support groups; talking to carers at Newham Carers United Forum meetings; being well linked in and connected to various local organisations.

They also have regular  meetings with Director of Social Care of the  London Borough of Newham to discuss issues affecting carers in general . Some are  representatives at key meetings such as  Newham’s Carers Strategy, Newham Co-production Forum Adults, and Parents Co-production Forum, to name a few.

This means Champions/Carers help to co-produce on strategy and policy development with health and social care stakeholders such as: London Borough of Newham, North East London NHS Trust, Newham Clinical Commissioning Group, Forum for Health and Wellbeing, Healthwatch Newham, SCIE Co-production Network, and many more. 

Newham Carers United (Carers Forum)

We also facilitate quarterly forums which is another vehicle for co-producing and engagement. 

The forum is a good platform for seeking carers views and ideas on key issues or topics of concern to carers and then capturing these in order to feedback to relevant stakeholders and other forums and decision making professionals in Newham.

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